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ARGOMENTO: How to Start a Facebook Live

How to Start a Facebook Live 3 Mesi 1 Settimana fa #10272

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How to Start a Facebook Live

Facebook Live can be an amazing way of connecting with your audience. If you are considering starting a Facebook live show, where do you start? What do you need to do?To get more news about 39bet-casino trực tuyến-sicbo-máy đánh bạc- cờ bạc onl- cờ bạc trực tuyến, you can visit official website.

Going live from mobile and going live on Facebook from the desktop are two completely different experiences.

Mobile is great for events and off the cuff live broadcasts. Also, many tools can make live video streaming from mobile experience better. But in most cases, the desktop option will create a more professional show for your video content.If you are going live from the Facebook app, you are limited to the portrait/vertical format. If you flip your phone around to landscape, the video will post on its side in the Facebook feed.
You can overcome this using mobile third- party software, we’ll talk about this later. (In a hurry? Download our FREE Facebook Live step-by-step guide right now.)

I love the in-the-moment rawness of live from a phone … but for a more professional broadcast, you can’t beat a desktop computer.From here you can schedule video on Facebook, share your screen, add graphics, display comments as overlays, and more.

Plus, you can create test broadcasts, only visible to page admins. Those are great for running tests and rehearsals before you broadcast to the world.
Schedule a Broadcast in Live Producer
Scheduling a live broadcast in advance creates an announcement post on your page’s timeline. People can click the Interested button to get a notification from Facebook when you start your broadcast.

This announcement post becomes the live broadcast as soon as you start streaming. This means you can use the link to that post to promote your show in advance.
Admin-only Mode
If you are nervous, or if you just want to practice your show ahead of time, Live Producer has a feature that lets you go live just to other page admins.

It’s a great way to check everything is working properly and to get used to being in front of the camera.

When setting up your live broadcast, scroll down on the left-hand side, and check the box Publish as a test broadcast.

Screen Sharing in Live Producer
Screen sharing is useful, particularly if you are using Facebook Live to teach. You can share your presentation or show people how to do online or computer tasks.Before you use this option, it’s good to know that Live Producer doesn’t seem to allow you to switch between camera and screen. You’ll need to rely on third-party software if you want to do this.

Set Up Live Captions in Live Producer
If you don’t caption, people who are deaf or have hearing difficulties will be unable to know what you are saying. People who aren’t able to watch with the sound on will lose interest.

Live Producer enables live captioning. When switched on, it will add subtitles to your broadcast as you speak. They aren’t 100% accurate but you can get a pretty good result if you speak slowly and concisely.

To switch on this option, click Viewing under Settings, and check the box next to ‘Auto-Generated Captions.
Set Up Graphics in Live Producer
Adding graphic overlays to your broadcasts can enhance the viewing experience and because it makes your video more visually interesting you will hold the viewer’s attention for longer.

If you stream using third-party software, you can add graphics to your broadcast using Live Producer. Those graphics can add comments on your screen, add an image overlay, a logo, or a moving ticker.
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