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TUBE FILLING AND SEALING MACHINE 3 Mesi 1 Settimana fa #10284

  • upamfva
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Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine and food industries.Get more news about tube filling and sealing machine,you can vist our website!

The equipment has a high degree of automation, automatic loading, automatic color matching, automatic sealing, batch numbering, and automatic discharging. Using the internal heating method, the Swiss “LEISTER” hot air heater is used to blow hot air from the inner wall of the hose, thereby melting the plastic, and then marking and batch number. The indexing adopts precision cam indexing mechanism, and the positioning is accurate and stable. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, users can adjust the running speed by themselves.
1. The mechanical transmission part is enclosed below the platform, safe and reliable, no pollution;

2. The filling and sealing part is installed above the platform, and the semi-closed static-free outer frame visible cover is easy to observe, easy to operate, and easy to maintain;

3. Stainless steel operation panel surface, organic glass protective cover and installed door protection function;

4. The oblique hanging tube warehouse can accommodate more hoses,

5. The upper tube device is equipped with a vacuum adsorption device. After the upper tube interacts with the pressure tube device, the hose is inserted into the upper tube station;

6. The photoelectric alignment station uses high-precision probes, stepper motors and other control hose patterns to be located in the correct position;

7. Without tube and no filling, the end of the injection, the air blowing device blows off the paste tail; anti-drawing, anti-drip filling

8. The heating temperature of the tail sealing adopts (Leister hot air gun) internal heating of the tube tail, and the outside is equipped with a cooling and cooling device;

9. Automatically imprint the production batch number or date at the position required by the process while sealing the tail;

10. The waste cutting manipulator cuts the waste edge of the hose tail, right-angle, R-angle or arc and other special-shaped seals;

11. Fault protection, overload shutdown, water pressure protection, air pressure protection.
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