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ARGOMENTO: The 7 Best Smart Locks Tested and Rated for Home S

The 7 Best Smart Locks Tested and Rated for Home S 2 Mesi 2 Settimane fa #10652

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The 7 Best Smart Locks Tested and Rated for Home Security

The best smart locks of 2022 ensure that you never need to worry about locking yourself out of the house ever again. Even if you left your keys and your phone inside the house, there are still ways to get in, like using the keypad or fingerprint scanner (more on that to come). But convenience isn’t the only benefit of having a smart lock.To get more news about bluetooth smart lock, you can visit official website.

Smart locks also promote personal safety. They’re also a hugely important tool for landlords, rental property owners and anyone that cares about smart home security.
To help SPY readers pick the best smart lock for their home (or second home), we’ve spent the summer testing and reviewing smart locks. All of the smart locks below have been SPY tested and rated for security, and you can read our in-depth smart lock reviews below.
How We Tested the Best Smart Locks
Your smart lock serves as the gatekeeper to your home. Needless to say, it’s important that every aspect of it works well and responds correctly to all of your digital or physical prompts to lock and unlock the door. Here’s how we determined which smart locks are the best.

Number of Ways to Lock/Unlock: The best smart locks provide several ways to lock and unlock your door. These include physical keys, fingerprint scanner, voice (via Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant), keypad and guest codes.

Auto-Locking Features: We looked for smart locks that could be programmed to lock automatically after you close the door or after a specified amount of time. We also looked for geofencing capabilities, where the lock automatically engages when you leave your home and unlock when you come home without interacting.

The 10 Best Smart Locks of 2022
We’re here to tell you — high prices and long lists of features don’t always correlate with the best option. You don’t know which item is best until you’ve tried them out. And it just so happens that every one of the smart locks in our list below was installed on either the front or back door of my house. With real-world experience, we can provide you with a definitive list of the best smart locks.
1. Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi
The first thing I noticed was how solid and heavy-duty it felt. It’s made out of metal instead of plastic which (even if it doesn’t) makes it feel more secure. A nice touch during installation was each box of equipment was labeled as “step 1, step 2, etc.,” which made the installation process clean and convenient. Not only did it look great on my front door, but setting up the keycodes and fingerprints was simple and done through the app. The keypad is a little on the sensitive side, so lightly graze the wrong number, and you have to start over.

2. Lockly Vision Elite
There’s a lot to like about this lock. To get the full scoop, check out our in-depth review of the Lockly Vision Elite Smart Lock. It’s smart, reliable and has a ton of security features. Speaking of security features, I loved the rotating keypad. It groups numbers and randomizes them on the keypad, so if someone was eavesdropping on you, there’s no way to steal your access code. You can add multiple fingerprints to biometrically unlock the lock (great for family members who want to leave their keys behind). And also provide offline access codes or eBadges to people for one-time use or customizable periods, which is great for vacation rentals and Airbnbs.

3. SwitchBot
It is built almost entirely of plastic, so it feels flimsy out of the box. It has different adapters to go over the switch on your deadbolt (what you turn to lock and unlock your door). Using the provided M3 tape, you connect it to your door with the adapter over the switch, and you can lock and unlock your door with your phone. That’s about all you can do with it, though. The locking mechanism doesn’t have a lot of torque, so if your locks require a little more effort to slide into the door jam, it might not be the best for you. It’s affordable and easy to install, but I think there are better options out there. You can read my full review of the SwitchBot from earlier this year for more information.

5. Kwikset Halo
This smart lock feels solid like the Eufy Smart Lock — made of metal that feels sturdy. It was quick and easy to install, and I had no problems doing all of the online registration stuff through the app. It was up and running in about 15 minutes. You can create up to 250 access codes, connect to Google Assistant for voiceless control, and lock it with the keypad, keys and your phone. That being said, it is missing a biometric (fingerprint) scanner like our other top options. While automatic locking allows you to determine how long it takes to lock after you close the door, it doesn’t have geofencing capabilities to lock and unlock automatically when you leave home or come back.

6. Level Lock
Level Lock forgoes unlocking options like a fingerprint scanner and even a keypad (Level does make a fingerprint scanning deadbolt and sells a keypad separately), but you can open it with keys (it comes with two) and your phone. You can assign guest passes which will send a link to your phone to provide someone else access to the smart lock. You can also set a date and time range for those guest passes to work, which is great for Airbnb guest visits.

7. Level Bolt
If you just finished reading our review on the Level Lock, liked it, but saw the price and felt it was a little too steep for you, consider the Level Bolt. The Level Bolt is the smart deadbolt inside the Level Lock. You can install it and turn your previously dumb deadbolt into a smart one. Essentially, it works exactly like Level Lock, except you get to keep your original lock and the keys. And it’s half the price of Level Lock. It’s a money-saving alternative for an overall good smart lock.
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