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ARGOMENTO: Low, High and Medium Volume Plastic Injection Mold

Low, High and Medium Volume Plastic Injection Mold 2 Mesi 2 Settimane fa #10653

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Low, High and Medium Volume Plastic Injection Molding

Whether you just need a quick bridge tool to provide production parts while a high-volume mold is being built or you would like us to provide production parts throughout the entire program, we are set up to do both. Our team is capable of providing all the necessary production requirements, such as a CPK study or PPAP qualification. We do in-process inspections during our production part runs to ensure that same part consistency and reliability. Along with our molding services we also provide molds that can run at our customers facilities that are built to their tooling standard. With Elite’s in house tooling department we are able to provide U.S. built plastic injection molds built for reliability and longevity. Additionally Elite also offers low cost country tooling as an option as well, where the molds would be built overseas but qualified in the United States. Get more news about Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding,you can vist our website!

There are a few variables within the world of plastic injection molding that are very important but can also differ in a few basic ways, and a great example here is the realm of volume. Injection molding needs can vary extremely widely between clients and applications, from some clients who may require a small volume of products to those looking to produce tens or even hundreds of thousands regularly.

At EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders, we’re happy to assist clients with a huge range of volume needs for their custom plastic injection molding projects, from standard molding projects to bulk injection molding and more. Within our industry, volume levels for such projects are generally categorized in three bins: Low, medium and high volume ranges. What are the ranges being described here, and how do they differ in certain important areas? Here’s a primer.

Low-Volume Plastic Injection Molding
Generally speaking, any plastic injection molding project where fewer than 10,000 pieces of a given component or product are being produced would be classified as low volume. This lower end of the spectrum is generally reserved for products that have a unique shape or are only being made in small batches, with high production costs per piece.

The tooling used for these molds will be made of aluminum, rather than the hardened steel that’s used for higher volume projects. This is because the softer aluminum can be more easily machined and shaped to create the specific component or product being manufactured. Here are some of the specific benefits that come with low-volume plastic injection molding projects:
High-Volume Plastic Injection Molding
On the other side of this coin is the realm of high-volume plastic injection molding, which typically involves anywhere from tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces all the way up to millions in some cases. As you may have already guessed, tooling used for high-volume injection molding projects will be made of hardened steel rather than the aluminum used for low-volume tools.
Medium-Volume Injection Molding
While this category is a bit less strictly defined, it broadly encompasses any volume range that isn’t classified as low or high. In most cases, this volume range will be somewhere between a few thousand and a hundred thousand products.

These projects tend to mix the benefits of high and low-volume injection molding, with shorter lead times and lower costs than high-volume production but more durability and tooling options than low-volume. Their applications can range from producing a few thousand customized products for a single customer to producing tens of thousands of the same product for resale.

As you can see, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the right volume range for your plastic injection molding needs. By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each, you can make the best decision for your particular need. For more on this, or to learn about any of our plastic injection molding services, speak to the pros at EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders today.
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