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ARGOMENTO: Face masks for you and your family

Face masks for you and your family 1 Anno 10 Mesi fa #5622

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Face masks for you and your family

Face masks and face coverings are a common sight right now, as they're recommended in crowded areas. Plus, face coverings must be worn when travelling on public transport in England.To get more news about famous nonmedical mask wholesale, you can visit official website.

They're a simple and effective way to help reduce the number of airborne particles getting through to your mouth and nose.

Making sure you have the right protection is more important than ever. It’s why at LloydsPharmacy we have a range of face coverings and masks, offering different levels of protection depending on your needs.Different face masks provide different levels of protection, based on the number of filter material layers. The level of filter provided by a mask depends on the size of particles (measured in microns).

There’s also some evidence that face masks help to reduce the respiratory particles you emit when you talk, cough or sneeze for example. This helps to protect those around you.If you’re wondering about the right face covering or mask for your child, read on. We’ve got everything you need to know about the types of masks for children.

What type of masks should children wear?
If your child is old enough to wear a face covering and not exempt then they can in certain spaces. For country-specific guidance read our COVID-19 children’s guide. Children should wear face masks that are designed for children as they will be a smaller size offering a close and snug fit that covers their nose, mouth and chin. You’ll want to opt for non-medical and fabric face masks or coverings, unless your child is classed as extremely vulnerable.Children should follow the same guidance for putting on and taking off a mask as adults. For example, washing their hands before and after touching their mask as well as not sharing it with others. For ease you may want to choose a mask with elasticated ear loops, just make sure it fits comfortably on their face to lesson the chance of them touching it.
Face coverings have become part of our daily lives in a relatively short time. But even if you’ve been wearing a face mask you still might have some questions, that’s where we can help.

What types of adult face masks are available?
We have a whole range of face masks, coverings and shields to help you protect you and those around you. There are reusable face masks which are usually made from fabric that can be worn and washed again and again. These masks are an eco-friendly option and the price-per-wear is lower than other face coverings designed for single use.

Choosing a disposable mask may be more convenient, however they’re designed for one-time use. They need to be thrown in the bin once you’ve worn them, even if you only wore them for a short time. If your mask becomes damp while wearing it you’ll need to put on a new one.

Which are the best types of face masks for adults?
The best type of face mask for adults is one that is breathable and comfortable for you to wear. It also needs to cover your mouth, nose and chin while fitting comfortably on the sides of your face.

If you’re looking for a disposable mask an FFP2 face mask is lightweight, CE marked and contoured to fit your face. There’s also Termin8 washable face coverings in a range of colours which offer a secure and comfortable fit. You can also wear a face covering and a face shield together when you’re out and about.
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